Captain and First Engineer Arrested for Fuel Smuggling –

On September 20, captain and first engineer helping to clear oil spill have been arrested on the charges for smuggling fuel.

The vessel ‘Agia Zoni II’ reportedly sunk in the Saronic Gulf and the oil present in its cargo started leaking into the surrounding waters. The crew members were assisting in clearing the oil spill for the vessel when they were arrested on the charges for smuggling fuel.

The unnamed crew members of the assisting ship ‘Lassaia’ were taken into custody after an inspection by customs and coast guard authorities turned up significant quantities of fuel in the ship’s hold that wasn’t legally accounted for.

The ship, which was part of the fleet pumping fuel from the sunken Agia Zoni II tanker, has been seized for investigation which is carried out into the provenance of its cargo.

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Source: Ekathimerini

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