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The tax administration is starting to process data received from fuel flow monitoring systems installed at gas stations, and to conduct unscheduled inspections when they become aware that businesses’ systems have remained inoperative for many hours, the head of the Independent Authority of Public Revenue, Giorgos Pitsilis, said on Friday.

Up until now, the fuel inflow-outflow system had not been monitored as the authorities lacked the necessary staff to process the data and identify possible cases of tax evasion and fuel smuggling.

Addressing the fourth Athens Law Forum on Taxation, Pitsilis added that the IAPR’s plans provide that, as of 2020, taxpayers will not have to visit the tax offices for any reason: According to the authority’s Blue Print project, every transaction and consultation will be conducted electronically, as contacts between the taxpayers and the administration will be done by phone or email, and if there are many state agencies involved in a case, the taxpayers concerned will only need to pay a visit to one entity to have their case processed.

Pitsilis further said the IAPR and the Finance Ministry are examining the rationalization of the various fines imposed nowadays on taxpayers.

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