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03.05.2017 à 13h21
APA News

The press in Accra on Wednesday focuses on a war declared on the smuggling by fuel by the various Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) and the National Petroleum Authority (NPA).The Daily Graphic, Ghanaian Times and The Chronicle gave prominence to the issue saying the activities of the smugglers have the tendency to cause some huge financial lose to the various OMCs.

They have therefore sent a distress call to the government to help them fight the smugglers to enable them to survive in the business.

The Industry Coordinator, Kwaku Agyemang-Duah, said at a press conference in Accra Tuesday that more than 4,000 employees in the sector risk losing their jobs if the trend of smuggling continues.

He said the government lost revenue to the tune of GHs850 million (US$202.38 million) last year following illegal sale and smuggling of fuel adding that the figure could increase this year.

In another development, the Graphic reports that the NPA, has pledged to fight against the fuel smuggling syndicate, following accusations that the authority has failed to live up to expectations of the OMCs.

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