Here’s how you can prevent fuel theft crime | Shepparton News

Last year alone more than 11,000 cars had their number plates stolen, but a number of Goulburn Valley locals hope to drastically reduce that number within the region.

The Neighbourhood Watch group meets regularly with police and is responsible for raising the awareness of crime prevention in the Goulburn Valley, and today its aim is to reduce number plate-theft.

Neighbourhood Watch volunteers will be in the carpark behind Woolworths in Mooroopna until 1pm today.

Shepparton Police Leading Senior Constable Glenn Gibson said Operation Safe Plates was implemented after a rise in number plates being stolen from cars to commit crime, particularly fuel theft.

The process involves securing a car’s number plates with screws that cannot be removed without the use of a specific tool, originally designed for security shutters.

The project has operated with the Goulburn Valley for the past five years and Snr Cnst Gibson said number plate-theft had been reduced.

“Last year there was about 11,000 cars that had their plates stolen, and we had about 300 in Greater Shepparton,” he said.

“Operation Safe Plates is a simple solution, and with community involvement we can reduce that crime.”