Illegal Fuel Importation: Government wages war on oil smugglers – Business – Pulse

Government has declared war on ‘cartel’ that allegedly controls illegal fuel importation and smuggling in Ghana.

Government is putting drastic measures in place to pace down activities of purported oil smugglers in the country.

Allegations have been made that some influential business tycoons have formed a cartel that smuggles oil to neighboring landlocked countries by redirecting oil meant for export

Smuggling activities of cartel members also include the import of illegal fuel products which are environmentally unfriendly to both users and third parties.

Deputy Minister of Finance, Kwaku Kwarteng, made the revelation when he was accompanied to the Tema Port last week by the Chief Executive Officer of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), Hassan Tampuli.

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According to the minister, the practice involves the diversion of petroleum products consigned for export by of Ghana’s after loading without payment of the appropriate taxes to the government.

Reports say that the cartel uses fake foreign vehicle registration number plates which are replaced with the country’s allowing them to smuggle the fuel abroad.

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The minister also announced the identification of a route to the open sea where super tankers anchor to sell low quality gasoline and diesel to the cartel of ‘goro men.’The fuel now enters the country through the ports in barges under the guise of sludge coming from vessels at the anchorage, he claimed.