Jeddah gas station closed for selling adulterated gasoline | Arab News

RIYADH: A gas station using red powder to change the color of gasoline from green to red to dupe customers in Jeddah was shut down for selling adulterated gas and for non-compliance with specifications, officials said.

On Tuesday, Ministry of Commerce and Investment inspectors shut down the gas station after discovering the addition of a red powder to the green 91-octane gasoline in the pumps. Samples were taken to check the quality of gasoline, and confessions were obtained from laborers admitting the practice of selling 91-octane gas as the more expensive 95 octane. The gas station owner was summoned for questioning.

Ministry inspectors also shut down a petrol station on the road to Madinah in Tabuk on Monday, due to manipulation of gas pump meters. Four pumps were found to be in violation of Saudi standard specifications, since pricing was not visible to consumers.

On a tip-off from a consumer, a fuel station on King Khalid Road in Tabuk was shut down on Sunday when the inspectors detected that meters on the pumps were tampered with to show prices higher than the fixed price.

Authorities on Sunday shut down a gas station in Al-Shati quarter in Qatif, Eastern Province, containing 14 fuel pumps that were in violation of standard specifications.

Minister of Commerce and Investment Majid Al-Qassabi recently inaugurated the Electronic Fuel Pumps Inspection and Calibration System. The initiative aims to increase the level of transparency in the service provided by fuel stations, and eliminate gasoline mixing and commercial fraud cases.
The ministry called on consumers to lodge complaints and observations through the call center (1900), or through the application of a commercial violation report via smartphone.

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