Libyan Attorney General’s Office announces results of human and fuel smuggling, murders

The Head of the Investigations Bureau of the Attorney General’s Office in the Libyan capital, Al-Siddiq Al-Sour, announced the lasts outcomes of the investigations into crimes, murders, and human as well as fuel smuggling in Libya.
Human and fuel smuggling
Al-Sour explained in a presser on Wednesday that the AG issued 205 arrest warrants for Libyans and foreigners suspected of being involved in a smuggling network for migrants heading to Europe.
The arrest warrants include accusations of human trafficking, torture, murder and rape.
“We have 205 arrest warrants for people (involved in) organizing immigration operations, human trafficking, (cases) of torture, murder and rape,” he explained.
Al-Sour added that the network included members of the security services, migrant detention camp leaders, and officials from African embassies in Libya, saying his office had detected a direct link between smugglers and the ISIS group.
He also indicated that the smuggling networks are linked to others in Malta, Italy, Turkey, Greece, and Lebanon.
Arrest warrants for crimes
Al-Sour also told reporters that his office issued arrest warrants of some persons involved in the killing of the mayor of Misrata, Mohammed Eshtiwi, who was murdered last December when returning from Turkey to Misrata airport.
He also said that investigations are still ongoing in the terror cases and the closure of oil terminals and fields by OsamaJodran, the brother of Ibrahimn Jodran who was heading the Petroleum Facilities Guard, adding that the results will come out once the probe is done.
Human trade, not slavery
He also said that upon investigations by his office, there comes evidence that there is selling and tr5ading of illegal immigrants among human smugglers themselves but not in “salves markets” as alleged by the international media.
Months ago, CNN published a video report claiming that African migrants were being sold in auctions in Libya slaves markets, however; the report was denied by many local authorities and international agencies.