Mayabunder | After C/Bay, fuel adulteration reported from MB | The Echo of India

Albeit complaints from the automobile industry about rise in adulteration of fuel across the country and diktat issued by the Apex Court to employ technology to prevent fuel defilement, fresh reports have poured in from the remote headquarter region of the North and Middle Andaman district about damage caused to several vehicles in the area after refueling at the ANIIDCO operated Fuel Station at Mayabunder. The Echo of India recently reported that around six two-wheelers and three auto-rickshaws reportedly suffered damages due to fuel adulteration at Campbell Bay in Great Nicobar after which similar complaints came to the notice of this Correspondent.

“I refueled by car with diesel after which it developed a range of glitches including poor ignition, reduced mileage and even jammed engines. When I approached a local mechanic on my way to Diglipur, I was told that diesel tank was found mixed with water because of which my vehicle developed snags,” said member of an association having branch at Rangat. “Owners of several vehicles have reported damages due to mixture of water in fuel after refilling at the Lucknow ANIIDCO Petrol Pump. The issue has been brought to the notice of the local ANIIDCO authorities,” said a PRI member of Mayabunder area.

The Incharge of ANIIDCO Petrol Pump, Mayabunder, however, maintained that the Station is equipped with all necessary equipments to check adulteration of petrol and diesel. “Regular monitoring is being ensured, but we too are in receipt of such complaints. The matter has been informed to the authorities in the Indian Oil Corporation for immediate redressal,” the official said.

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