Oman Oil Marketing Company introduces E-Fill tags to enhance commercial fuel management at filling stations | Al Bawaba

Published May 22nd, 2017 – 12:00 GMT

Bringing pioneering smart technology to the Sultanate’s filling station subsector, Oman Oil Marketing Company introduced its new E-Fill service. Utilizing radio-frequency identification (RFID) powered tags, E-Fill offers the commercial fleet market an advanced management tool that ensures 100% security, prevents fuel theft and unauthorized access to supplies, in addition to real-time tracking.

E-Fill operates by establishing a direct link between a customers’ Head Office and the filling station office via non-transferrable tags attached to vehicles and outfitted with RFID technology. Before fueling, customers are required to specify and authorize their fueling needs. Only after authorization is given are radio signals sent to the pump to implement all customer requirements.

Musab bin Yousif Al Shezawi, Senior Manager – Fuel Card at Oman Oil Marketing Company, said, “In today’s competitive economy, fleet managers constantly seek greater control over fuel supplies to improve overall fuel economy and to eliminate loss. For that reason, we are providing customers with a smart solution that is seamlessly delivering cost-effective control over unattended fueling operation for increased security and accountability.”

To avail the service, customers are required to open a fleet account with Oman Oil Marketing Company. Accounts can be seamlessly managed online on the company’s website, where tags can be blocked or unlocked and real time information viewed. The E-Fill solution is now available for use at several fueling stations with plans for expansion in the pipeline.

Formed in October 2003, Oman Oil Marketing Company with the brand name omanoil is envisaged to be the future prominent player in petrol and lubricant retail in Oman. Today Oman Oil Marketing Company SAOG is involved in the marketing and distribution of fuels and lubricant products and operates in the sectors of fuel retailing, direct (bulk) fuel sales to Government and the Commercial sector, lubricants, aviation refueling and storage and distribution.

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