Online News–Minister of Energy has officially sought permission to launch Fuel Marking Programme (FMP) regarding adulteration in the petroleum products

ISLAMABAD: Minister of Energy has officially sought permission from Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Federal Cabinet to launch Fuel Marking Programme (FMP) regarding adulteration in the petroleum products.

Sources said that the programme is being launched with the Kerosene oil. The summary sent by Ministry of Energy has also proposed fixation of petroleum products’ prices while fixation of prices would lead to hike in Kerosene oil’s price but bidder has to pay the bidding price. It is being hoped that Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi will take notice to resolve the issue.

Sources close to Secretary Petroleum told that six companies, which include six from Britain, one from Singapore and one Germany was asked to include in the accord for a period of one year. Among these companies, two companies submitted the documents for tenders while bidding of one company was approved.

The company, which won the bid said that after fixation of petroleum prices, the plan would be applied on local products and refineries while period of the project would be extended so that extra prices may not be received from consumers in future.

Secretary Petroleum Sikandar Sultan said that volume of locally produced Kerosene oil has reached upo 150 tons anyhow fuel was not included in it. There was a difference of Rs 31.40 per litre in Kerosene oil and diesel’s price while Kerosene oil is mixed in High-speed diesel which lead to soar in Kerosene oil and its shortage.

It is worth to mention that Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi after resuming slot of Premiership had introduced FMP for petroleum products to get rid of adulteration and tax evasion. The bidding winner company had offer fuel marking at a rate of Rs 1.22 per liter for a period of six month while after the said period 3 paisa per liter more discount would be granted to it. The approval has been sought from ECC regarding adulteration in Kerosene oil and maintaining its quality.

Secretary Petroleum proposed that oil advisory council must be made powerful for partnership with successful companies that succeed for oil marking under the patronage of OGRA and coordination with official representatives.

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