Petrol pump theft caught in Yogi Adityanath crackdown in Uttar Pradesh had chips imported from China; mastermind caught in Karnataka – The Financial Express

In a major success, Mumbai police have nabbed Prashant Kumar, the mastermind of the racket which used to supply Electronic Chips used to swindle customers by Petrol Pump owners. Kumar was arrested from Karnataka’s Hubli, a report published in Hindi daily Dainik Bhaskar said. The report further said that the chips were imported from China and the accused Kumar, along with his partner Vivek Shette, used to supply it in all parts of the country. As per the allegations, the chip, upon installation in the machine used to make it dispense less fuel than the quantity for which the customer has been charged. The report said that the device, which was widely used by pumps, reduces the fuel output by 0.1 to 0.2 per cent without the customer coming to know about it. The report further said that device was controlled with a remote used to manipulate the volume. Earlier, a number of people were arrested by Uttar Pradesh police Special Task Force. Last month, at least 15 places were raided by the police personnel in a mega crackdown in the row. However, the person arrested on Wednesday has been named as the mastermind of the entire supply chain.

Earlier, two more kingpins – Avinash Manhohar Naik and Vivek Harishchandra were arrested from Maharashtra’s Thane. Microchips, remotes and other electronic items were also seized. Earlier, tt was also reported that the alleged scam helped petrol pump owners in making an extra profit of Rs 14 lakh per month on an average. Not only in Lucknow, several petrol pumps in other parts of Uttar Pradesh were also raided by the police. However, a group of petrol pump owners in UP had protested police action alleging that workers were afraid of even going to the fuel station for work.

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