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Sixty barrels of fuel were seized in the raid, along with 10 crew members.

SEMPORNA: The Malaysian Armed Forces’ Joint Task Force II (JTF II) detained two pump boats and 10 of its crew members on suspicion of smuggling 60 barrels of fuel worth about RM5,160 to Sitangkai, Philippines.

Brigadier General Zarondin Md Amin said the boats were stopped at about 1.15am earlier today during a patrol led by Sergeant Wahab Johari.

Wahab said the 10 crews members were aged between 15 and 52 years-old and neither carried any personal identification.

The seized barrels and crew members have been transported to the Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCom) for further investigation.

Zarondin said JTF II will continue to work closely with ESSCom and other enforcement agencies to combat any smuggling activities in the country’s seas.