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Breathnach fears smugglers have found a way…

Local TD Declan Breathnach has expressed his concern at the resurgence of fuel smuggling in the area. Reacting to the discovery of 11 cubes of fuel laundering waste at Carrickarnon close to the Louth/Armagh border this morning, the Fianna Fáil deputy expressed the view that those behind the smuggling had found a way to remove […]

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Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy named as key figure…

Adrian Rutherford December 31 2016 2:30 AM Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy was named as a key figure in the fuel smuggling industry in British government files. Senior officials in the North were briefed that the ex-IRA chief was benefiting from Border criminality. Murphy – currently serving an 18-month sentence for tax evasion – amassed a multi-million […]

Fight against smugglers ‘could take 20 years’

By Stephen Walker, Political reporter, BBC Northern Ireland 18 January 2012 The fight by the authorities to stop the smuggling and laundering of fuel could take two decades, according to the environment minister. He was speaking to members of the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee in Westminster, who have been criticial of the lack of convictions for […]

Fuel laundering ‘costs tens of millions’ to…

By Jim FitzpatrickBBC NI economics and business editor 13 March 2013 From the section Northern Ireland Fuel laundering and smuggling costs the governments on both sides of the border tens of millions annually. In Northern Ireland, the latest estimates from HMRC suggest the UK government lost about £70m in revenue in 2012. That is a lot […]

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Major cross-border operation against illegal fuel trade

13 March 2013 From the section Northern Ireland Police and customs officers from Northern Ireland have taken part in a major cross-border operation against fuel laundering and organised crime Searches were carried out in 10 Irish counties. The operation was led by the Irish Republic’s Criminal Assets Bureau and was aimed a south Armagh/north Louth criminal […]

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Newton Emerson: Brexit will worsen Border smuggling

‘After a year of exploring technological Border solutions, the Government has suddenly lost faith in this approach.’ Photograph: Clodagh Kilcoyne/Reuters The movement of goods across the Border following Brexit is a problem of smuggling, not customs facilities. Without smuggling, customs requirements for even the hardest Brexit could be – to use the dreaded term – […]

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Research report explores the fuel/petroleum dyes &…

Fuel/Petroleum Dyes & Markers Market, Spurred by Favorable Government Initiatives & Growing Latin America Demand, Expected to Register Strong Growth Till 2021. Crucial to Stop the Black Art of Fuel Laundering – Advertising – Fuel/Petroleum Dyes & Markers Market spurred by governments adding dyes to the fuel in order to test for legal usage is expected to curb fuel laundering with the help of fuel marking with use of fuel/petroleum dyes & markers and is expected to grow rapidly. Fuel/petroleum dyes are colored aromatic liquids, powders or solvent blended compounds that are added to petroleum and gasoline to generate coloured fuel. Fuel/Petroleum Dyes & Markers are colorless substances added to fuels to achieve coloured fuel and can be detected by adding specific reagent to produce color or by placing the sample in a spectrophotometer in order to produce a quantitative result. The most common fuel/petroleum dyes are alkyl dyes and azo dyes. This is where fuel/petroleum dyes come in handy and this is ultimately increasing the demand for the Fuel/Petroleum Dyes & Markers Market. Browse Market Report at For example, a commonly used fuel worldwide in road vehicles, the military, on […]