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Crushing petroleum products adulteration through fuel marking

The practice of adulteration is nothing new and unscrupulous elements indulge in it without any fear of the legal implications. There is almost no industry that is spared in this regard. Adulteration is rampant in food items, petroleum products , paints, etc. It goes unchecked as law enforcers are unable to check the practice. The […]

Stopping oil adulteration: British firm seeking long-term…

Currently, Pakistani refineries are producing kerosene oil without adding any dye, which makes it difficult to detect its mixing with high-speed diesel. PHOTO: FILE ISLAMABAD: UK-based company Authentix is seeking to win extension in its contract for fuel marking in kerosene oil in an effort to stop its mixing with the expensive high-speed diesel. A technical […]

Online News–Minister of Energy has officially sought…

ISLAMABAD: Minister of Energy has officially sought permission from Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Federal Cabinet to launch Fuel Marking Programme (FMP) regarding adulteration in the petroleum products. Sources said that the programme is being launched with the Kerosene oil. The summary sent by Ministry of Energy has also proposed fixation of petroleum products’ […]

Fuel Adulteration

A video went viral, almost two months ago, on social media in which a person at a fuel station in Lahore was showing a sample of fuel contaminated with water. However, it didn’t generate any curiosity of authorities to check if the fuel that is sold is of good quality or not. But now a […]

OGRA’s concerns about profit margin deregulation addressed…

A man refuels his car at a petrol station. PHOTO: REUTERS ISLAMABAD: The Petroleum Division has said that it has addressed concerns of the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) and Planning Division about planned deregulation of margins on high-speed diesel (HSD) sales for oil marketing companies (OMCs) and dealers. The Planning Division and Ogra had […]

image placeholder – Seen and heard: Counterfeiting news…

Fuel adulteration in Pakistan Pakistan turns to marker compounds to curb fuel adulteration Pakistan has a big problem with adulterated fuels, and has announced plans to mandate the use of chemical markers in locally-produced kerosene – thought to be the primary adulterant in higher-priced products like petrol, high speed diesel (HSD) and high-octane blending component […]

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Fuel Adulteration

A number of motorists in Karachi and beyond have complained of low mileage and damage to engine as a result of low quality fuel. They are facing the problem because diesel and petrol are being mixed with kerosene. This happens when it is cheaper for the retailers to sell mixed fuel. In turn, unaware motorists […]