TankTerminals.com – TYR Energy Logistics Commences Operations at BRONCO Road Railroad Terminal in Corpus Christi, TX – Details

August 22, 2017 [TYR Energy Logistics, LLC] – TYR Energy Logistics, LLC acquired control of the Bronco Road Railroad Terminal in Corpus Christi, Texas.

BRRT is located just south of Corpus Christi’s “Refinery Row” and is the only rail terminal in Corpus Christi directly connected to the Kansas City Southern line—the sole rail provider (through its affiliate Kansas City Southern de México) to all major markets in northeastern and central Mexico—an area encompassing cities from Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey to Mexico City and the ports of Lazaro Cardenas and Veracruz.  After recently undergoing extensive renovations and upgrades, BRRT has five miles of track and is “unit train” compatible.

“Unlike our competition, which is primarily investing in the construction of expensive, new facilities that could take years to complete, we have upgraded and optimized existing infrastructure and are shipping refined fuels to Mexico now.  Our customers don’t have to wait, and they don’t have to pay the higher costs associated with building a new terminal, or a pipeline, from the ground up.”   Aaron Ball, CEO

TYR is also finalizing a deal that will give BRRT direct access to dock facilities on the south side of the Port of Corpus Christi.  TYR plans to connect its rail terminal to the port via pipeline (a distance of less than three miles) and truck. This will allow two-way flow of product for import and export from various supply markets.

“Our direct connection to Kansas City Southern provides a number of advantages. Kansas City Southern is unique in its ownership of an extensive line on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border.  Our customers have direct access to Mexico and don’t have to pay fees associated with using multiple rail lines for most of the major markets. We also view rail as the most reliable and secure form of refined fuels transportation in Mexico, where fuel theft, primarily from illegal pipeline taps, totals nearly $4MM per day. Furthermore, once they are finally completed, pipelines require their customers to make substantial, long-term commitments in the form of ‘take-or-pay’ contracts—something most customers in the Mexican market are highly reluctant to do.”   Aaron Ball, CEO

TYR Energy Logistics, LLC provides a “just in time” bundled solution for the Mexican refined fuels market. TYR’s management team has over 100 years of combined energy industry experience.  TYR Energy Logistics, LLC is a TYR Energy Holdings, LLC company (Houston, Texas).

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