$40 Billion in tax revenue is lost per year as a result of fuel smuggling

The illicit trade of refined fuels is estimated to be valued at $100B, & fuel is the #1 most smuggled natural resource in the world.*

“How Chemistry is Helping Defeat Fuel Fraud,” Alex Scott,
Chemical & Engineering News
Vol. 94, Issue 5, pp. 20 – 21.


Trading of illicit fuels is a leading source of funds for organized crime and terrorist groups.

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Stop Fuel Smuggling is an independent digital platform focused on sharing information to assist countries and companies combat the illicit trade of fuel. The Stop Fuel Smuggling initiative is a movement to inform and educate the public and key stakeholders on the harmful environmental, economic, and societal impact of illicit fuels.

This platform is a single, objective resource offering easy access to illicit fuel news tracking current events in three categories: Fuel Smuggling, Fuel Fraud, and Technology Solutions. In addition to being the only online clearinghouse for illicit fuel news, the platform will also host available research and economic reports on the subject.

The Stop Fuel Smuggling initiative will continue to advance its digital platform to include original content from global influencers including both government and non-government organizations, economic development groups, oil marketing companies, technology leaders, and citizen groups. The initiative will engage and welcome all contributions regardless of geography, affiliation, or other qualities.


To inform citizens, governments, and companies of the financial, health and safety risks associated with fuel smuggling and fuel fraud. will facilitate the sharing of best practices in combatting illicit fuel trade, foster partnerships, and accelerate the adoption of available solutions.