Meghalaya: Petrol pump caught selling adulterated fuel in Garo Hills!

Tura, May 14, 2017: In a case that is set to put the cat amongst the pigeons, a local petrol pump in the town of Mendipathar was caught red handed mixing diesel and petrol and filling cars of customers. An alert resident, who had gone there herself to buy diesel caught the pump red handed in the act leading to a huge furore. The incident this evening has sent shock waves across the region as well as raised many an eyebrow.

According to Priyanka K Marak, a resident of Mendipathar, she became suspicious after a customer, who had taken 80 litres of petrol for an ATC tower, returned with the same fuel, complaining of contamination.
“One of the workers had tried to ask others not to fill petrol as it was allegedly adulterated. However his co-worker signaled him to remain silent. This raised our suspicions and we immediately did a test and found the fuel adulterated. In the meantime, one of the workers ran from the spot fearing the worst,” said Priyanka.

The matter was immediately raised to the Deputy Commissioner of the North Garo Hills (NGH) district, SC Sadhu, who advised her to immediately file a FIR in the nearest police station.

“I have also taken video evidence of the entire event for proof and a police team reached the fuel station later and found the same adulteration in the fuel being supplied. They then summoned the workers who were taken to the PS for questioning,” she added.

“Imagine the pump workers later telling the police that they only mixed a little diesel while another blamed the company saying it may have been mixed at the plant itself. When they knew the fuel was adulterated, why were they still insisting on filling cars with the mixture,” asked Priyanka.

Confirming the complaint made, the DC, Sadhu has said that the matter would be looked into. “We will call on the legal metrology department as well to do a thorough check on the two petrol pumps in Resubelpara and the Mendipather pump,” said the DC.

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