Police Foils Fuel Smuggling Attempt to Timor-Leste | National | Tempo.Co :: Indonesian News Portal

TEMPO.CO, Kupang –

The Belu Precinct Police in East Nusa Tenggara foiled an attempt to smuggle 10 tons of fuel to Timor-Leste on Monday, May 29. The operation was conducted by the Belu Precinct Police along with the border security force from Battalion 712 and the Police’s Mobile Brigade (Brimob).

Belu Police Chief Commissioner Yandri Irsan said that the fuel that was confiscated from the smugglers were the RON 88 fuel, or locally known as Premium, and kerosene placed inside jerrycans, each with a capacity of 25-35 liters.

“We discovered the unattended fuel throughout the Silawan Village beach, which directly borders with Timor-Leste,” Yandri said.

Police immediately investigated the case based on reports filed by local people.

“After we confirmed the locations, we combed through five locations throughout the Silawan Village beach and discovered the illegal fuel. Meanwhile, the owners ran away,” he said.

The smugglers were going to gather the fuel and hide it under the trees during the day, which would later be smuggled on a boat to Timor-Leste.

“We haven’t arrested the owners and we’ll investigate whoever they are. The illegal fuel is currently secured at the headquarter as evidence,” he said. YOHANES SEO