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Probe Team Finds Fuel Worth Millions Being…

Some MPs accuse government officials and mafia members of being involved in the illicit oil trade. A probe team from Afghanistan’s parliament on Wednesday reported that over 30 fuel companies have smuggled millions of dollars worth of oil into the country under the pretext of delivering it to foreign forces, thereby avoiding import tax. The […]

Technology Progression in Fuel Marking – Authentix

Stop Fuel Smuggling Series By: Jeff Conroy, Chief Scientist, Authentix Branded fuel suppliers began to use colorants in the 1950’s as a means to indicate fuel type, grade, or brand in the downstream petroleum industry, and this approach continues with wide-spread acceptance today. As fuel taxes and subsidies came into use around the globe, it was […]

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Dawi Oil Owner Gets Nine Years In…

Dawi Oil owner and his deputy also ordered to pay compensation to government amounting to over $38 million USD. The primary court of the Anti-Corruption Criminal Justice Center (ACJC) on Tuesday evening held an open trial for at least eight people accused of embezzlement in a fuel contract case involving the state-owned Ariana Airlines. The […]