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Fuel/Petroleum Dyes & Markers Market, Spurred by Favorable Government Initiatives & Growing Latin America Demand, Expected to Register Strong Growth Till 2021. Crucial to Stop the Black Art of Fuel Laundering

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Fuel/Petroleum Dyes & Markers Market spurred by governments adding dyes to the fuel in order to test for legal usage is expected to curb fuel laundering with the help of fuel marking with use of fuel/petroleum dyes & markers and is expected to grow rapidly.

Fuel/petroleum dyes are colored aromatic liquids, powders or solvent blended compounds that are added to petroleum and gasoline to generate coloured fuel. Fuel/Petroleum Dyes & Markers are colorless substances added to fuels to achieve coloured fuel and can be detected by adding specific reagent to produce color or by placing the sample in a spectrophotometer in order to produce a quantitative result.

The most common fuel/petroleum dyes are alkyl dyes and azo dyes.

This is where fuel/petroleum dyes come in handy and this is ultimately increasing the demand for the Fuel/Petroleum Dyes & Markers Market.

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For example, a commonly used fuel worldwide in road vehicles, the military, on boats and maritime vessels, construction vehicles and machinery as well as many others because of its versatility, is diesel. Diesel fuel is used in some off-road applications whereby the duty paid on it isn’t the same as road diesel when diesel fuel was sold without any dyes added to it.

To combat this problem, the government now mandates this fuel to be sold with different colors: Clear, red, and blue. Red dyed diesel fuel is now commonly available to the public for non-automobile use and is taxed less.

This initiative aims to to clean the air and collect fuel taxes. The difference between red and clear diesel is the presence of color of fuel and presence of fuel/petroleum dyes & markers that prevent diesel laundering of the red dyed fuel which is often mixed with clear diesel to reduce costs.

This is a key growth driver that drives demand for products of the Fuel/Petroleum Dyes & Markers Market.

Most dyed fuel in the U.S. comes is red and is not generally available to the public. This dyed gasoline is only for use in off-road vehicles, such as farm tractors, heavy construction equipment, and generators.

This colored fuel is not taxed within the country and is usually laundered.

Fuel/Petroleum Dyes & Markers Market which determines color of fuel, has multiple purposes, a few being: They help distinguish easily between grades of fuel, allowing easier corporate identification to meet various national/regional specifications. They also support in the prevention of fuel adulteration/theft and add to the aesthetic appeal of fuels showing a great value add to the Fuel/Petroleum Dyes & Markers Market.

Scope & Regional Forecast of the Fuel/Petroleum Dyes & Markers Market:

The global Petroleum and Fuel Dyes and Markers market is projected to grow at an excellent growth rate amid rising adulteration of petroleum and fuel across the globe. Increasing number of government laws regarding fuel taxes, is driving the need for methods to identify fuels as governments get strict with their laws.

Europe is the largest player in the Fuel/Petroleum Dyes & Markers Market, owing to differential and highly structured tax structure for different usage of colored fuels. North America follows in terms of rising demand for Fuel/Petroleum Dyes & Markers Market.

Significantly increasing cases of fuel laundering and mixing in Mexico are also showing trends causing Latin America’s Fuel/Petroleum Dyes & Markers Market to expand with a significant growth during the current forecast period.

The global Fuel/Petroleum Dyes & Markers Market is showing a steady growth during the current forecast period.


Segmentations & Key Players Involved in the Fuel/Petroleum Dyes & Markers Market:

The Fuel/Petroleum Dyes & Markers Market can be broken down into various segmentations on the basis of

Some of the key players involved in the Fuel/Petroleum Dyes & Markers Market are as follows:

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* The overall market has been consolidated from the perspective of different geographic locations and key economies for this market.

* Identifies growth sectors and factors driving or constraining the market.

* The market is analyzed based on the key attributes such as the power in the hands of producers and consumers, analysis on the degree of competition, and threats from substitutes and new entrants.

* The study includes the demand of this particular market on a global and regional scale for a five year period of 2016 – 2021, to assess how the market will develop.


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